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Witchcraft Manipulation

Witchcraft Manipulation: 20 Prayers To Destroy It Now

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What does manipulation mean?

Manipulation is an unwillingness to “let go and let God.”. A manipulator must be the one who makes all the rules and is only concerned with how he or she benefits from them. If you find you have manipulated a person or are tempted to, the best thing you can do is step back and get along with Jesus.

What does witchcraft Manipulation mean?

Witchcraft manipulation refers to the use of witchcraft or supernatural practices to influence or control a situation, individual, or outcome. This might involve casting spells, performing rituals, or using other mystical means to achieve a desired effect.

Witchcraft powers send agents into families to destroy them so they can carry out their evil control and witchcraft manipulation. Some people need to break free from the familial bonds that hinder their progress to succeed in life. That is why you need to fight alongside God, and you will come out victorious.

Jeremiah 1:19: “They will fight you, but they will fail. For I am with you, and I will take care of you. I, the LORD, have spoken!”

With that in mind, let us pray:

20 Prayer Points Against Witchcraft Manipulation

1. I plead the blood of Jesus Christ over myself, my family, and all aspects of my life. Let the cleansing and protecting power of the blood surround and guard me from all forms of witchcraft manipulation, in Jesus’ name.

2. O Lord Jesus, if there is any past involvement with the occult or any ungodly practices in my life, I repent and renounce them. I ask for your forgiveness and cleansing.

3. I command all satanic strongholds, strange powers, bondage, and curses to let go of me, and I loosen myself and all my descendants from them, in Jesus’ name.

4. My Father! My Father! Let the Holy Ghost go deeper into every hiding place and secret place where witchcraft is hidden in my family and destroy it, in Jesus’ name.

5. In the name of Jesus, I command every witchcraft hand planting evil seed in my life, career, business, and anything else that is of value to me during my dreams to catch fire, and burn to ashes.

6. In the name of Jesus, I break and nullify any curses or spells that may have been placed upon me using various forms of witchcraft manipulation, in Jesus’ name.

7. I command that every evil mountain of siege against my financial freedom be uprooted (repeat 7 times) in Jesus’ name.

8. In the mighty name of Jesus, I bind and rebuke any evil spirits associated with witchcraft manipulation. I declare that no weapon formed against me shall prosper, and every tongue that rises against me in judgment shall be condemned (Isaiah 54:17).
9. I deliver my finances from every witchcraft collection agency, in Jesus’ name.

10. By the power in the name of Jesus, I bind and destroy every spirit guide, evil helper, and the shields of these workers of evil, and leave them stripped of their evil powers and influence to attack me or my family, in the name of Jesus.

11. In the name of Jesus, I decree and declare that I am free from dark powers, spirits of Jezebel, false teachers, false prophetic words, controllers, manipulators, sorcerers, witches, counterfeits, soul ties, spiritual folly, soothsayers, lying spirits, lying dreams, and visions, in Jesus’ name.

12. In the name of Jesus, I bind and break the spirits of Ahab and Jezebel, fear, hypnosis and hypnotic trance, rock music, greed, addiction, drugs, alcohol, and compulsive behavior as a result of witchcraft manipulation.

13. In the name of Jesus Christ, I bind and break free from all known and unknown channels of witchcraft manipulation that may be using the power of all curses spoken, all rituals or sacrifices, all divination, spells, incantations, meditations, and all sorcery or magic to attack me and my family.

14. O Lord, grant me discernment and wisdom to recognize any form of manipulation or spiritual attack. Guide my steps and lead me away from the snares of the enemy, in Jesus’ name.

15. My Father! My Father! heal me of any wounds or vulnerabilities in my spirit that may make me susceptible to manipulation. Let Your love and truth permeate every part of my being, in Jesus’ name.

16. Let the fire of the Holy Ghost burn to ashes every witchcraft power touching my garment, body, bed, and house from the coven, in Jesus’ name.

17. O Lord, grant me Your peace that surpasses all understanding. Guard my heart and mind in Christ Jesus, and let no turmoil or manipulation disturb the tranquility you provide, in Jesus’ name.

18. My Father! My Father! intervene in any plot or plan of witchcraft manipulation against me. Let Your angels encamp around me for protection, and let Your will be done in every situation, in Jesus’ name.

19. By the power in the name of Jesus, I declare that I am seated with Him in heavenly places far above all principalities and powers (Ephesians 1:20–21). No manipulation can prevail against the authority of Christ in me, in Jesus’ name.

20. Lord Jesus, have mercy on me. If there is anything the devil is still holding against me to block my breakthroughs, forgive me and cleanse me by Your blood, in Jesus’ name.

Pastor Nathaniel

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