Poverty Is Forbidden For Genuine Christian People


All things should educate us and even correct us to be better Christians 2 Timothy 3:16.But still some Christians argue that they Jesus was poor so they want to follow his example which not true Jesus wasn’t poor since he had a treasurer. So Jesus was against poverty. Others argue that they want to be like poor Lazarus who died and went to heaven (Luke 16:20-22). Remember poverty is a curse and God wont use it to bring us closer to him. Its devils too look at Job case (Job 2:3-7).

If our earthly fathers give us the best then how much is our heavenly father (Matthew 7:11).So poverty is not one of this gifts. Poverty is not among the blessing mentioned in Deut,28. Remember that is why God made us to have dominion over all things in Eden. Genesis 1:26. You need dominion because Hard work alone can’t make you rich.Deut.8:18

All mighty men in bible were rich name: Job Job 1:1-3; Abram Genesis 13:2; Isaac Genesis 26:12-13; Jacob Genesis 30:42-43; Solomon 1 Kings 10:23

Even when Adam sinned and left Eden God promised to take Israelites to Cannanland. Along the way God provided: Manna for the Israelites Exodus 16:4;even shoes and clothes never wore out. Nehemiah 9:21 Deuteronomy 29:5.God had promised to take them finally to Canaan land a land flowing with milk and honey Exodus 3:17

What is common in all this situation is that this men and women did few things to overcome poverty:


Feared God-They had faith in God leading them to have Faith of God to the impossible

They worked hard and never gave up easily- Jacob dug well again and again Genesis 26:18-26

They gave God- Jacob 10%

Job gave poor Job 29:12

Now what went wrong?

Devil appears offering his system after worshipping him. He tells you ignore God you are God oldest lie told eve.

But if you need guidance call to Devil and worship him Matthew 4:8-10

Devil says follow me I will take you Egypt there is corn. Genesis 42:1-4

There is a way Satan takes men to Egypt (Modern Egypt-could be anywhere) where he keeps corn(livelihood). It doesn’t matter who you are (prophets, etc included-2 Kings 4:1). All most go there to eat corn by becoming slaves.

Without money you will die so devil ensures there is shortage of it, so you will want to go to Egypt. Remember in Gen 42 a prophet was hungry and was willing to send his sons to Egypt

Corn(money) has relocated many people from god will to devils will. It has made many do the unthinkable.so what have you done yourself in search of corn???How far have you go in search

According Psalm 112:3 Wealth and riches are in their houses… e.g. When it was time to do a miracle.it was either in the Exodus 4:2 What is that in your hand? Or in your house 2 Kings 4:2.

Whatever God told you in his word is true, it can’t change for anyone. Matthew 24:35

So, there is a place for quoting scripture but when bible say give it means give nothing more nothing less Mathew 6:3.

While God says follow, I take you out of Egypt to a land flowing with milk and honey

What you don’t know is the land is ruled by pharaoh with hard heart Exodus 7:3

You work like elephant and eat like ant

You can’t take out anything from it according to pharaoh. YOU HAVE worked all your life with nothing to show Exodus 10:24-28

But how you wont get rich because devil doesn’t ask for 10% but all 100%. remember devil is thief. He seems like he is helping you but he is stealing from you

Story Of How Poverty Can Attack You

Just imagine a person who sees you are carrying a heavy bag of Gold and he offers to help carry your bag and his his is full of stones which along the way he switches with your gold and by the time realize he is long gone.you thought he was helping but he was robbing you.

Get rich schemes gambling, pyramid schemes 3M, pip coin etc and others shortcut full of giants

Soul selling by musicians, worship me and I give you all this wealth. There is nothing for free in his kingdom everything you get you pay a price.

That is what happened to eve they sold their souls and only jesus died to redeem us

Evils spirit to do business. Girl brought a lot money own. Acts 16:16

When you follow God you are paid what Joel 2.25 was stolen  from you over the years.Egyptian gave them silver, gold and clothing Exodus 12:35-36

Yes, God system might be long but it for your own Good.13 days but full of giants is not Gods scheme short cut are dangerous Exodus 13:17

Pastor Nathaniel

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