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Revealing The Forbidden Evil In The Church Now

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Brethren, How do you feel when you see the increasing number of fake Christians in our churches? Modern-day”Christians” who have a form of Godliness but are denying the power therein”evil” (2 Timothy 3:5). What we see is a lot of powerless Christians, they are like Samson when he’d slept with Delilah they try to rouse themselves in times of trouble but have no power to fight because they have compromised themselves. They’re badge-wearing Christians who due to either fear, guilt, shame or pride never make a stance against unrighteousness, but instead defend injustice and take offence and point the finger back at your own mistakes(Matthew 7:3,4).

They’re rebellious towards the Word of God and when someone rebukes them they say, “thou shall not judge.”What they don’t know is this verse is talking about hypocritical judging. Remember also in 1 John 3:8-10 8 it says“He that committeth sin(evil) is of the devil”, so if you live a continuous sinful lifestyle you’re not a true Christian because you’re supposed to be a new creation. I’ve even heard “Christians,” say, “I don’t care if he or she is a satanist don’t judge anyone”



According to Isaiah 5:20 “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness..” Most fake Christians don’t like their evil exposed and so they don’t like you exposing anyone else so you don’t expose them. They will go against God’s Word and stand up for the devil and fight against God by condoning and supporting wickedness.

An example of this is the many so-called Christian homosexuality supporters. How can you love what God hates? (1 Corinthians 6:9-11)
When it comes to interacting with the world, we are not forbidden from making friends with those who are still enslaved to sin(evil); rather, we are forbidden from acting in ways that displease God (Ephesians 5:11-12). Instead, we are to “expose” unfruitful works of darkness.

Christians Beware Of The World

Our preaching of the gospel goes hand in hand with such living so that those whose deeds are exposed might know that they will escape the darkness if they come to Jesus.
Only two responses can follow such exposure. Many will hate the light and those whose lives provide the illumination, and they will try to stamp out the light and silence the church (John 3:19–20; Acts 14:8–23; 19:21–41). Others will feel the conviction of the Holy Spirit and see the darkness of their deeds. They will turn from their sin(evil) to Christ and thereby begin to glorify the Lord (Matt. 5:14–16).

The light of God that shines through us both illumines and transforms, exposes and cleanses. Those whom the light redeems become visible and that which is visible is light(Eph. 5:13–14). In other words, formerly dark individuals are cleansed and become lights through whom our Savior shines brightly. This is what happened at our conversion, and we continue to become ever brighter lights as we, through confession and repentance, expose our sin(evil) to God and flee from it.

How can you love worldly music that blasphemes, God? You’re nothing without God. Isn’t He your Father? How can you go against Him and stand up for Satan? You are to hate everything that God hates(Psalm 94:16). Every biblical leader stood up against evil and many even lost their lives for speaking against it. There is a reason Jesus says true believers will be hated and persecuted. If you desire to live a godly life you will be persecuted and there is no way around it.

That is why many believers stay quiet whenever they’re on the hot seat they hush up in fear of man. Jesus spoke up, Stephen spoke up, Paul spoke up so why are we quiet? We must not be afraid to rebuke others. If someone is going astray from Christ are you going to be silent so they won’t hate you or are you going to humbly and lovingly say something? (James 5:20)

When you remain quiet then you start joining wickedness and remember God is not mocked. Stop being part of the world, expose it instead and save lives. The person who truly loves Christ is the one who’s going to stand up for Christ no matter if they lose friends, family, or if the world hates us. The people who hate Christ are going to read this and say, “stop judging.”But remember brethren, The road to Jesus is narrow but most fake Christians want the all-inclusive deal.

The Lord is purifying His bride, he’s bringing judgement to the Church first, only those humble enough to repent will be partakers of heaven. They are clouds without water. The bible defines the true believer as having the fruit of the spirit and that these signs of power will follow those that believe. They’ve been weighed in the balance and found wanting(evil), as they have turned aside to fables God has turned them over to their delusions. We must guard our hearts and doctrines and persevere when judgement comes.

Pastor Nathaniel

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It very inspiring and uplifting.Thanks


True pastor we should be on our guard.


Thank you man of God 🙏.

Mathidiso MTM

Good morning family Amen pastor God bless you 🙏🙏

Nokuthula MTM

Good morning family and thank u man of God

Mam Dani MTM

Morning my family thank you pastor God bless you

Edith MTM

Good morning family thanks Pastor God bless you

Mom Nomsa ngwenya

Good morning family thanks pastor

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