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spirit of vandalizers

Spirit Of Vandalizers: 16 Proven Prayers Against it

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When it comes to God’s blessing his children he has a blessing for each of them, it’s appointed for a certain time and place. But remember the devil came to steal, kill and destroy, so he will try to steal the thing or blessing and if that is not possible then he will try to vandalize it. He does this using the Spirit Of Vandalizers.

Who Are Vandalizers?

The Bible in Isaiah 54:16 says ‘Behold, I have created the Smith that bloweth the coals in the fire and that bringeth forth an instrument for his work and I HAVE CREATED THE WASTER TO DESTROY.’ Vandalisers can be described as people who needlessly do harm, steal, corrupt, cheat, and extort from people without reasons and cause. They are used by the spirit of vandalizers.

The spirit of vandalizers will sit and wait until you have worked and toiled so hard and then it comes and vandalises it will do it all at once. When the spirit of vandalizers enters your life, you will notice that all your projects and important things, might stall at once; you might have the best grades and certificates, but they won’t help you at all; you might have a business, but it will not bring you any money; you might lose a good friend, or a good job and many other good things for no apparent reason.

The spirit of vandalizers will ensure that you waste all your time with the wrong people, doing the wrong things; it will make you waste good chances; it will create difficulties so you can walk away from the good of your life. It will also make you misuse the gifts that God has placed in you; meaning your gift, your star, and your destiny will be buried.

spirit of vandalizers

The spirit of vandalizers will make you wish that you were not born, but all that is about to change, so let’s pray the following prayers to shake it off.

16 Proven Prayers Against The Spirit Of Vandalizers Now

  1. By the power of the Holy Ghost, I disconnect myself from any form and shape of vandalisers in Jesus name.
  2. My Father! My Father! Send your warring angels to the unseen and seen worlds and completely destroy every destiny invader, destiny waster and vandaliser , in Jesus name.
  3. Any agent of vandalization that encamped against me to destroy my life, family, career, and my treasures fall down and die, in Jesus name.
  4. Any stronghold in the altars of vandalizers sent to destroy my treasures die in Jesus name
  5. God my father give me the power to overcome my invaders in Jesus name (1Samuel 30 vs 16).
  6. Lord give me the link information to fight the invaders of my destiny in Jesus name. 1 Samuel 30 :11-15.
  7. Oh lord Cause confusion in the camp of vandalizers and put them into disarray so that I will take over their camp and recover 7 fold of what they vandalized from my camp, in Jesus name
  8. My Father! My Father! Send your warring angels to go and destroy every Spirit Of Vandalizers in the form of spirit of Delilah around me attempting to tamper with my life and destiny, in Jesus name
  1. Let the power in the Blood of Jesus, hide me from the secret plots of the Spirit Of Vandalizers who use their tongues to send to me arrows of declaration, spells, hinges, boxes, and enchantments at me, in Jesus name.
  2. My Father! My Father! Send your warring angels to both the seen and unseen world to completely scatter the altars and shrines that the enemy uses to scatter my finances, my dreams and aspirations, and to vandalize my vision in Jesus name.
  3. By the powerful name of Jesus I decree and declare total destruction of every secret weapon of the spirit of vandalizers against my life, family, destiny, and business, in Jesus name.
  4. By the powerful name of Jesus I command that every tongue of vandalizers that will rise against me to turn against itself and ruin itself with its sources of power and strength, in Jesus name.
  5. I put on my shield of faith and arise in boldness and to declare that I fear no terror of the night or the arrow that flies by the day or the pestilence that walks in darkness or the destruction that wastes at noonday in Jesus name.
  6. By the power, in the name of Jesus, I decree and declare that I shall not plant and another person harvests, and I shall not labor and another person eats, in Jesus name.
  7. By the power in the name of Jesus, I command that every instrument of the spirit vandalizers fashioned against my me, my family, or my career to fall down and die, in Jesus name.
  8. By the power in the name of Jesus, I command that all the spiritual doors and gates that are open in my life to the vandalizers to be permanently closed, in Jesus name.

Incase you want to pray more and see more results then I recommend that you click the link below to be redirected to the relevant page:

15 Prayers To Overcome Anti-Harvest Spirits Now (

Pastor Nathaniel

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