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The People’s Prayers Are Under Satanic Attack Now!

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Brethren I know that all of us want to communicate with our father in heaven but for some reason something seems to stop us or worse of block our prayers completely. Today We will address a few things which could be causing this hindrance to our prayers:

What Stops People’s prayers From Being Answered Now ?

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1.UNCONFESSED SINS:  According to John 4:22-23Jude 20Eph. 6:18Ps. 66:18Eph. 4:301 John 1:9;Psalms 66:18  I learned that if we hide our sins God will hide his face. Remember for us to approach God’s throne we need to be holy since he is Holy (1 peter 1:14-15).

2.UNFORGIVENESS: According to Matthew 5:23-26; 18:21-22 Before you even think of approaching God’s mercy seat think of how big a sin God forgave us and then do what is right when it comes to forgiving your brethren and even your enemy.

WRONG MOTIVES: According to James 4:3, 151 Cor. 4:19Matt. 6:10; 26:42 Ask yourself when last did you pray for your neighbour,boss,enemies etc. In your prayer would you only want God to bless you alone so that other can see you??? Or do you want God to bless you so that you can be a bless for other???.

3. LACK OF FAITH(DOUBT): According James 1:6-8; Hebrews 11:6 Have you ever prayed but you never expect an answer because you never expected that there was any one to answer your prayers anywhere. You just did it for fun. Praying without faith is like driving a car without fuel and expect to reach your destination.

4.NEGLECT OF THE WORD OF GOD: According  Prov. 28:9John 15:7Ps. 119 we see that God has hidden certain truths in his word and it our duty to find those truth and come back to God for more truth. So how well do you know your bible.

5.LACK OF PERSISTENCE: According to Luke 18:1; cf. 1 Sam. 27:1-3 with Isa. 40:31;Luke 11:5-13 How well does God know you or do you have to remind him who you are with your long prayers or circus. Some of us like Cornelius and Job are well known in heavenly quarters and need no introduction. Are you a Sunday to Sunday Christian??Increase your presence there. PUSH(Pray Until Something Happens).

6.DISOBEDIENCE: According to 1 John 3:21-23; Zechariah 7:11-13 Brethren you can’t be doing you own thing and ONLY when it backfires do you check with heaven to see what God is saying about this thing. Learn to start with heaven first and all will go well. Wilful rejection of God’s word will result in God’s rejection of our words [prayers].

7.PUTTING ANYTHING BEFORE GOD(IDOLS): According to Exodus 20:3 What thing[career, possessions, family, ministry] or person is stealing your time with God? Put God first and he will give you the first position in everything you do. Now that is Blessing.

8.LESS PRAYER TIME: According to Matthew 26:40 Be honest brethren between your social media, TV, internet, other activities, and God activities where do you spend most of your productive time. If Jesus was to come today, where would he find you? If you answered this question well then you know where most of your time is spent. How can we expect God to hear us when we give him so little time? ( Hebrews 11:6b)

9.NOT TAKING CARE OF THE POOR: According Proverbs 21:13 God is asking us to be his ear,leg,hands etc to help him feed, clothe, house etc the poor and he promises us that he will not ONLY pay us but reward us so that we can have more than enough to continue touching the life’s of this poor.

10.UNRESOLVED MARITAL CONFLICT: According 1 Pet. 3:7 whenever domestic breakdown in the home enters through the door God leaves through the window in a hurry. So, are you still sure God is in the room, but you start praying? Men beware that you don’t scare God from your house.

Brethren in which of these areas are you weak and what are you doing about that area so that It doesn’t rob you your relationship with your Father in Heaven.

Pastor Nathaniel

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