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orphan spirit

The Proven Dangers Of Orphan Spirit Now.

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According to Acts 17: 30,There are times God counts like he doesn’t see, and He won’t punish you during those moments of ignorance. During that time when you are behaving like the prodigal son, you might get away with a lot of wrong things but wait until that period is over. You will know that God is not helpless or slow to punish you (2 Peter 3:9).

For instance, in Exodus 24:9–11, Moses and the 70 elders ate with God the perfect Father, and he did not harm them. But remember it’s the same Moses who wanted to see God, but God refused and had to hide Moses so that he would not see him and die (Exodus 33:18-23).

Also, in the case of the Israelites, they wanted to see God himself and not through the eyes and ears of their spiritual father Moses, and because of that God appeared in a way they didn’t expect (Exodus 20:18-19).

So, we should not fear even if our earthly fathers treated us as orphans because God our Father is the perfect Father who cares for orphans (Psalm 68:5-6)

Who Is An Orphan?

An orphan is a person who when growing up didn’t have a father for one reason or the other. It could have been because he came from single mothers or simply because his father was an absentee father due to alcohol or even his career.

Who is a spiritual orphan?

It is a person who has been disconnected from his spiritual father either willing or otherwise. This leads to emotional pain which enters through earlier childhood neglect, mistreatment, painful circumstances in which your father did not help you, etc hence it leads to the person to start to ignore his earthly father, and start to father himself, and hence these orphan spirits creep in.

In short, this person doesn’t have a place he can call a spiritual home(God’s Church) instead he lives in a spiritual orphanage (Demonic Churches). We need to know that the church is supposed to be a family of God’s people and not an orphanage.

Remember an orphanage is a place where you end up in because there is nowhere else to go and you are wounded by life and hence there is no father to father you. But in God’s church, we have a family and a father. We have a sense of belonging and responsibility. While in an orphanage we are waiting for someone who is paid to do everything for us.

Some children try to be their fathers by taking the big shoes of their fathers and wearing them. This doesn’t make them fathers but fools. No one can take the place of your father (Exodus 20:12) and God the Father (Matthew 23:9).

orphan spirit

Orphan spirit

When you have an orphan spirit you always feel empty and even lost. You want to have a sense of belonging, care, etc. You might come into the church and still feel void because you are looking for a father to help you with your dream because you missed that at home. All you forget is you are to first seek his kingdom (his dream) and then he will help you with your dream.

Yes, you might fast, pray, and even sow seeds but when the Orphan spirit is active in our lives then most heavenly doors and blessings are blocked and can’t be accessed from outside our Father’s kingdom. That is why those who have an orphan spirit are reminded to seek first the kingdom of our Father in Matthew 6:33, in short, we should return to our father. Since you came to this church have you been doing that? How many souls did you win? How many did you lead to Christ?

How do you see God? From an orphan’s perspective or from a son’s or a daughter’s perspective (Romans 8:15). How do you approach Him is it from a beggar’s perspective? Do you just beg for this or that or even find yourself trying to convince God to do something for you?

Do you always pray saying this: “Please God heal me, give me this or that.” and are you going around churches trying to convince people that you are fatherless, homeless and hopeless. Instead of begging and trying to convince God to do this or that we should learn to thank him for what he died for.

We should know who we are to God and what we have in him. Romans 8:15 or you did not receive the spirit of bondage again to fear, but you received the Spirit of adoption by whom we cry out, “Abba, Father.”

The reason we act like this is that we lack understanding of who God is and who we are and hence we think God is so far and we are fatherless. We won’t even believe his prophets who are supposed to be his representatives on earth, and represent his hands and his eyes.

According to Matthew 7:11, you should never forget that you have your heavenly father who fills all the gaps your earthy father can’t be due to human shortcomings., No man is perfect no matter what for all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23).

A story is told of how a child went to play under a truck and the truck started rolling back and would have killed the child so the child’s parent pushed the 10 tonne or roughly about 10160kg truck and saved his son. So how many trucks do you think God has pushed to save you.

No wonder the Bible says in 1 Timothy 3:5 that we as leaders of the church must first take care of our homes before we can take care of the church. This is the main reason why the devil tries very hard to attack the family he knows that we view our father in heaven through the lenses of, our earthly fathers so if the relationship was abusive then we might hate church systems. In our churches, we are being trained to lead systems, programs, etc but it should be all about caring for people as God would.

Examples of Bible Characters Who Had Orphan Spirit:

1. The prodigal son had an orphan spirit and that is why he left his father in search of a “better father”. But he ended up in an orphanage where he suffered a lot until he came back to his true father then and only then did he lose the Orphan spirit (Luke 15:16-17).

2. Most Christians are deliberately orphaning themselves and attracting this Orphan spirit, others it’s natural like the widow which prophet Elisha had met and chose not to recognize him until she was in so much trouble (2 Kings 4:1-2).

3. Gehazi pretended to be an orphan and had the Orphan spirit therefore he didn’t receive the blessing of a father.

4. Uzzah ignored the priests and tried to do the work of the priests and died shortly thereafter (2 Samuel 6:7).

5. King Saul never waited for the prophet Samuel (his spiritual father) instead he listened to the people and did the work of the prophet and that was punished immediately. King Saul and all his linage were destroyed because of one mistake (1 Samuel 13:8-10).

6. The priest Eli’s sons were punished because their father treated them as orphans, he wasn’t there as a father to correct his sons (1 Samuel 3:11-14).

Signs of a spiritual orphan or An Orphan Spirit

These arre some signs that are person has the Orphan spirit or is quickly atrracting the Orphan spirit.

1. The person might feel a lot of fear for instance the fear of losing someone or a position hence he or she can do anything to keep his or her position or relationship.

2. The person might experience a sense of hopelessness, rebellion, and a feeling of not being good enough.

3. The person is full of rejection, which leads to mistrust, and as a result, he or she becomes overprotective which leads to jealousy. Especially when it comes to close relationships like when someone comes close to his or her leader or friend.

4. The person feels that he or she is unwanted and has nothing important to offer, as a result, he or she feels that he or she has to do something to get something.

5. The person finds it difficult to give free gifts to others, he or she feels that he has to prove himself first. Hence he or she finds it hard to accept free gifts or money from others even if they are at the verge of starvation.

6. The person feels like he or she is all alone he or she feels like he can do everything alone and hence he or she doesn’t need a father to tell him what to do and as a result he hates teamwork which makes him a workaholic.

7. The person is always out to please his or her leaders so as to get their compliments.

8. The person ends up becoming overcompetitive and won’t let others succeed as he or she watches, remember God doesn’t play favourites.

9. The person is scared of the future and hence he or she overprotects yourself in every area possible.

10. The person feels like they know it all. He or she wants to go ahead of God like the children of Israel who walked under the cloud.

If you still harbor any of these traits, then that is an orphan mentality and you probably are attracting the Orphan spirit or have already got the Orphan spirit.

How to overcome the Orphan spirit?

1. According to Numbers 12: 1-12 Be humble like Moses and don’t rebel like Miriam. Yes, we don’t see much of their biological father but since Moses was taken under the wings of his spiritual father-in-law, he healed from this Orphan spirits but this was not the case with his sister and brother who had no one to mentor them.

2. Never allow your mind to trick you into believing that you don’t have a father. You should remember that you have a loving heavenly Father.

3. You no longer have to overperform like a slave to prove anything. Learn to see others better than yourself (Philippians 2:3). If Jesus said that you can’t do anything without him then it means he wanted us to work as a community depending on each other for our spiritual growth.

4. Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide you on how to handle this sensitive matter. Let the Holy Spirit heal you of this orphan spirit and lead you in the right path of recovery. As the Holy Spirit leads you start to take baby steps to repair the broken relationships at various levels starting with your biological father and even with your spiritual father then you will truly overcome the Orphan spirit.

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