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The Real Theology And The People Poisonous Meology

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Brethren, by now you must be wondering why all the differences between cats(Theology) and dogs in their perspectives and attitudes? My simple answer is Cats are into MEOLOGY (“it’s all about me!”) Their Christianity is centred on themselves. Their prayers and worship have a lot of “Me”, “My” and “I”. Their problems take first priority in their prayer lives.

While cats do not explicitly state that they are God, they do say that life is all about them. Jesus lives to make their lives safe, soft, easy, and comfortable. Cats think: “Jesus left the Father’s glory for them. He suffered for them. He died for them. He’s gone back to heaven to build a mansion for them. He’s up there interceding for them. And He’s coming back for them. I wonder who He lives for? Yes, He must live for them! Again, they want the blessings more than they want God.

whereas dogs are into THEOLOGY (“it’s all about God!”). Dogs are different because they know one key thing about life: “… all things were created BY HIM and FOR HIM” (Colossians 1:16). All of life is for God! Therefore, dogs ask, “What does God get? What does He get out of Creation? What does He get out of saving me? What does He get in eternity? What does God get?”



It comes down to this question: Does God provide for you, or is He subject to you? “Of course,”, we might say, “He provides for me; I am subject to Him” But do our thoughts and prayers reflect that attitude? Are we thankful for His provision or do we think that His agenda is centred on our prosperity? We have to ask ourselves: “Am I a “dog”, or am I a “cat”? Of course, as believers, we can approach God with our wants and needs. He’s not harsh and unapproachable, (James 1:17, Matthew 7:11).

Yet, in having many blessings, we can take God’s goodness for granted and begin to develop a sense of entitlement…or worse yet, we can fall into a man-centred theology that only glorifies oneself, mocking God under the guise of worship. (Daniel 5:20-22).
While I sit here in my comfortable home, with food on the table and a job waiting for me tomorrow morning, I wonder if I would still be grateful if I lost it all.

I wonder… What if I were to wake up one day and find that I’ve lost my health, my family, my home, and everything I love… Would I, like Job, be able to say “though He slay me, yet I will praise Him”? (Job 13:15).

God also didn’t remove Paul’s thorn, yet he never lost focus in him. (2 Corinthians 12:7 -10). Think of the tribulations encountered by the disciples but still removed focused. Are there areas in your life that you feel like you are more of a “cat person” than a “dog person” or vice versa?

I hope you won’t succumb to wrong theology! Though it can be tempting to put ourselves or another person up on a pedestal like that, to expect that some other person can save us or make us whole. It is wrong to expect that by sheer willpower, we can fix every problem or make everything go our own way. We are not in charge or in control of the world. God is.

We don’t have to take on that weight. And we don’t have to place that weight on others: not on our spouse, our child, our pastor, our doctor, or our closest friends. Today, let us place our trust and hope in God who has promised never to leave us or forsake us. (Psalm 55:22, Proverbs 16:3,1 Peter 5:7).

BRETHREN REMEMBER LIFE…it’s not about us…it’s about God!

Pastor Nathaniel

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