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The Valentine’s Day Forbidden Truths You Should Know Now

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 Valentine’s Day is an ancient Roman festival. originally known as Lupercalia which is celebrated every February 13th to 15th in honor of pagan gods namely Lupercus (god of fertility). It was a purification and fertility ceremony Deuteronomy 12:32

The Luperci priests would sacrifice a goat, for fertility, and a dog, for purification, in a sacred cave, located on Palatine Hill — the place where Rome was founded.



People were no longer looking to obtain fertility by being beaten with strips of animal skin called februa(which means to make clean and from which the name of the month “February” derives.) dipped into the sacrificial blood

The Romans believed that every month had a spirit or pagan god which gained in strength and reached its peak at the middle,of the month around the 15th.

4th B.C., young men seek their sexual partner during the Lupercalia festival. By a “love” lottery, young men would be able to win the companionship and sexual service of a woman until the next year’s drawing.

While imprisoned, Valentine reportedly fell in love with the jailer’s daughter. Valentine died in approximately A.D. 270

It was in A.D. 496 that Pope Gelasius established St. Valentine’s Day in an attempt to convert this pagan Roman fertility festival into a Christian holiday. We are told in the Bible that we should not worship any saint or any special saint’s day. In Acts 14:11–18 we read how the Apostles Paul and Barnabas were being idolized by people, and Paul told them not to do that.

We are told in Genesis 10:8–10 that the first world ruler was called Nimrod, a mighty hunter who also built Babylon and the Tower of Babel. Nimrod was also known as Saturn, the Roman-Babylonian god(The Latin word Saturn means “to be hid, hide self, secret, conceal”).

In Constantine’s day, Nimrod was made a saint of the Catholic Church, and they continued to honour him under the name of a Christian martyr called St. Valentine. In Rome at one time “Valentine” was called “Ba’alentine” to commemorate “Ba’al” the god of sexual desire, and another name for Satan or a demon. Valentine’s Day is another custom birthed at the Tower of Babel, It’s an official Roman Catholic holiday.

On the 15th of February in the ancient world, Semiramis, the mother of Nimrod, was said to have been purified and to have appeared for the first time in public with her son as the original “mother and child” — images of which continue to be popular in the Catholic Church and other pagan imagery. Nimrod as a child was also called “Cupid” which means “desire”. 

Nimrod’s mother saw him, she lusted after him — she desired him. Nimrod became her Cupid, her desired one, and later her Valentine! So evil was Nimrod’s mother Semiramis, that she married her own son!

In ancient Egypt Nimrod was known as Osiris, and Semiramis was known as Isis. Inscribed on the ancient Egyptian monuments are inscriptions that Osiris, i.e. Nimrod was “the husband of his mother”.

When Nimrod grew up, he became the child-hero of most women who desired him. He was their Cupid! In Daniel 11:37, there is a reference to the “desire of women” which may refer to Nimrod.

Deuteronomy 12:30–31 tells us how God expected His people to behave.The things associated with Saint Valentine’s Day, i.e. romance, desire, sexual lust, Cupid, Roman paganism, fertility, the heart shapes, and the calendar date, are all connected anciently with the worship of Nimrod, and other pagan practices that God hates.

The first Valentine card and Cupid, the Roman god of erotic love. was posted around 1806.There is no valid reason for us to celebrate a pagan day, which we could call Nimrod’s Day rather than Valentine’s Day.

God is love and we should emulate God’s love, rather than something called romance.we should not, as Christians, celebrate Saint Valentine’s Day, nor indulge in worshipping Nimrod, nor anything else connected with ancient Babylon.

Pastor Nathaniel

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