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Why I Don’t See The Great Miracles Like Jesus?

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I feel like I prayed, fasted and gave all I could right. Let me ask you and also ask yourself how did you?


Ask even neighbors Mtt 6:5   know Long prayers Mtt 6:7  God knows before u Mtt 6:8 


Tongues are for believers but prophesy for believers 1 Corinthians 14:22-28

So,Do it with love 1 Corinthians 13:1


Problem is not the fasting is how and why?? Matthew 6:16-18

Also what is you spiritual condition. Since length doesn’t matter if u are wrong side of God Zechariah 7:5 -13

Due to wrong approach to Christian virtues we end up :

miracle 1

Filling like we are greater than the bible and even men of God for example in 2 Kings 5:15-27.We see Gehazi tried to undermine prophet Elisha by collecting the coveted gifts. We put money first compare to God. We disregard the word of God and don’t want to support men of God. Hence because of this behaviour God doesn’t support us hence less or no miracles.2King 4:29-30.

It might lead us to want to abuse the power given to us by God. We might even curse those under us just like Balaam tried to do in Numbers 22:6,22,34

We might even pretend to be Christians as long as we get what we want just like Judas did by selling Jesus in Mathew 26:14-16. Now days we sell oil,handchiefs,stickers etc

Even the members are willing to be sold something by the men of God just like in Acts 8:9-13,18-23

Pastor Nathaniel

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