Genuine Christian People Have You Forgotten Your Dream


Have you ever dreamt how big were those dreams? Why did you stop dreaming? If you find kids playing, they tend to dream how they will become this or that. They are limitless in their dream until we interrupt their dreaming.

When kids are dreaming, they don’t accept to be limited by anything whether money or anything else. They act life as it should be. Until one you are told that you should stop that because you now an adult and adult don’t do those things.

Remember dreams are there to be fulfilled and so protect them with everything you got. Go after them at all cost and never ever forget them.

All you have to do is to push yourself otherwise you will never achieve your dreams. Most of the time we don’t look like it or fill like it but we must tell ourself that this has to be done for my dream to come to pass.

Remember if you are waiting for someone to come remind you about your dreams and what you need to do to achieve them then you are going to wait for a long time. No one will tell that you should watch less TV, less Facebook, WhatsApp in order to create time for reading the bible and praying.

Painfully no one will apply for you that Job, write a business plan for etc it’s up to you. You need to start doing thing in a different way so as to get different results. Most of us hide behind a curtain called I am not made for that or I am not good enough so as not try anything. Remember Moses said it even Jeremiah I just a boy (Jeremiah 1:7) But my bible tells me that I can do much more than I thought (Ephesians 3:20). Brethren talk less and act more and you will get better results than before. Purpose to be better than you were last week.

Remember Your Dreams

Remember even when other people have given up on you never give up on yourself. Sometimes even your closest friend will not understand you and might even run away from you for instance Job’s wife never understood jobs mission and she never supported him at (Job 2:9) and that never bothered Job. Learn to fight for you mission no matter what, yes respectable people might have told you that it’s impossible but remember if only you can believe all things are possible to those who believe so believe (Mark 9:23). It’s never too late to do what you have to. It’s not over until you win

According to 2 Corinthians 3:2 some people are waiting to see what and how you did it so that they can join you, so don’t fail them. Remember no one is special we are all made by the same God, even people like Elijah weren’t better than you and me (James 5:17). But remember when the dream is so big you will have Jezebels trying to kill you or the dream. Herod’s trying to kill baby Jesus.

Life will shake you very hard but the question for how long are you going to continue holding on your ground. For this to happen you need to quit blaming, giving excuses AND God knows what else.

No matter the sickness or setback don’t let it bury your dream it could have a long time. The battle ground is NOT for the faint hearted.

What is keeping me and you from achieving our God ordained goal is the story which keeps playing in our head’s day in day out. If you want to succeed disconnect yourself from this self-taught lie and dream will come true. Don’t try to be what you can’t be or somebody else because this how you will fail.

God is saying lengthen your courts. Abram, I will give you as far as your eyes can see. Moses was such a dream and never doubt it at once that it will come to pass and it did. Remember all this people had seeds of greatness in them Just like you. Can you imagine risking it all for a dream that nobody sees.

Always remind yourself when in doubt you are created like an eagle nothing can stop not even a storm. Whatever is happening to you right now is necessary to give you the muscle and skills you need to achieve your dream (James 1:2-4).Don’t give up because of the problems you see now in your life its because something great is on the way.

You can choose how the pain will change you, remember that you can come out bitter or better. You can choose to come out defeated and giving up your dream the choice is yours. After all is said and done you should come out more focused than before. Quit complaining and take up your load and keep moving with other like-minded towards your destiny.

Pastor Nathaniel

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