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walking under open heavens

Open Heavens: Incredible Ways To Walk Under It Now

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What is an open heaven?

Open heavens is a concept which has gained acceptance in the Pentecostal and charismatic groups. They tend to believe that when a person gains favor with God then He tend to open a ‘spiritual portal’ or a window in the heavens where God allows all manner of miracles, healings and other heavenly manifestations to reach this persons.

Every time you take God seriously and choose to walk with Him then He opens his heaven’s gate, window, door, portals, etc. and through this is open heavens, you start to see as God sees things and you start to operate at God’s level, where all things are possible. Always remember that open heavens, can be seen in a person or a place such as a certain church.

open heavens
open heavens

Examples of People Who Walked Under Open Heavens In The Bible.

There are many cases of people who experienced open heavens in the bible and I will just to mention a few:

  1. Jesus: According to Mark 1:9-11, Jesus experienced an open heavens and as a result of it, his ministry on earth was full of heaven’s gifting.
  2. Jacob: Jacob in the book of Genesis 28:16-17. He brought the invisible to the visible and the supernatural to the natural. He had a vision of a ladder reaching to heaven with angels ascending and descending on it.
  3. John the Revelator: In the island of Patmos, He received very many visions of open heavens which form the book of Revelation. He was shown the throne room of God, angels, and the return of Jesus Christ.
  4. Stephen: According to Acts 7:55-56 Stephen saw the heaven open and was privileged to see Jesus standing at the right hand of God.
  5. Isaiah: According to the book of Isaiah 6, when King Uzziah died, the Bible says that Isaiah saw the Lord sitting on a throne, high and exalted, with seraphim flying above Him, declaring His holiness.

What Are Some Things You Can Do To Open The Heavens?

Only God has the power to open the heavens, but it is up to us to maintain the heavens open. So that we can continue enjoying heaven on earth. We can sustain this open heaven experience by offering acceptable sacrifices. A sacrifice can be your time, finances, service, prayer, fasting, worship, praise, etc.

Remember If it’s not a sacrifice to you, it’s not a sacrifice to God. Things don’t just happen; you have to do your part and make those sacrifices. When you stop sacrificing, the open heavens close (1 Peter 2:5).

Offerings determine what God decides to pour out to you. Many people are waiting for God to pour out blessings, but they never gave any sacrifice or offerings to God. Your offering will determine if God will pour out 30% or 60% of blessings (Matthew 13:23).

Open Heaven

How Do You Know You Are Walking Under Open Heavens?

You will definitely feel the presence of God, which takes you from walking in the natural to the supernatural. Here things just happen effortlessly, you start receiving revelation, finances, miracles, and breakthroughs. But that is not all there are many more manifestations that take place. Just to mention a few:

  1. Close Encounters With God: An open heaven is associated with an intensified sense of God’s presence. It is believed that the barriers between heaven and Earth are lifted, allowing for a closer communion with God.
  2. Many Supernatural encounters: As a result of having an open heaven encounter it leads to increased supernatural occurrences, miracles, and divine interventions. For instance, things like physical healings, deliverances, and manifestations of spiritual gifts start to manifest more often.
  3. Favor and blessings: When you encounter an open heaven it releases God’s favor and blessings upon your life and those close to you, communities, or even nations. This can manifest in various forms, such as financial provision, breakthroughs, and success.(Deuteronomy 28:12, Malachi 3:10)
  4. Angelic Visitation: When the heavens are open, a believer may start to experience increased angelic visitations. These angelic visitations might offer much-needed divine interventions and manifestations of God’s presence in various life issues (Luke 1.26-38)
  5. Increased spiritual revelation: It is thought that during an open heaven, individuals may experience heightened clarity and understanding of spiritual matters. They may receive insights, visions, or messages from God.
  6. Genuine Repentance and Salvation: As a resort of the encounters many people tend to genuinely repent and even get saved and also lead many to salvation and repentance (Isaiah 45:8).
open heavens

Remember when the heavens are open, you need to step in and sow into it, so as to reap the grace coming through that portal. A revelation of what Jesus has done in opening heaven to us will change the way we pray.

What Are Some Things That Happen To You When You Had An Open Heaven Encounter?

  1. It makes one to change the way he or she sees God.
  2. It leads one to change the way he thinks and acts.
  3. It acts as a boost to our weak faith.
  4. It increases our expectation level.
  5. It makes us bold and full of confidence and as a result, we can exercise our God-given authority.

Let me tell you brethren when the heavens are opened, to you, God becomes real. God’s revelation , God’s kingdom, and eternal realities are released in a powerful way on earth. Barriers in the spiritual realm are removed, and the veil between heaven and earth is torn. As a result one starts to receive divine messages, instructions, and revelations.

Pastor Nathaniel

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Zodwa Nene

Let my heavens be opened.
Thank you man of God for opening our eyes. God bless your 🙏🙏

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