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Our battles

Our Battles Are Determined By What We Carry Now

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According to Ephesians 6:10–12, if you want peace, prepare for war(battles) first. If a country desires to have peace, it must have an army, armed and prepared, to protect its citizens from those who desire to overtake it. In short, always remember that peace is costly. “There is no second place in a war! You are either first or you’re dead!”

So, at all times, prepare for war. No wonder the Bible is full of stories of how God’s people had to fight for one reason or another to achieve one thing or another. These stories are not just there to entertain you, but to inspire you and prepare your mind to accept that wars are part of the Christian journey.

Have you ever felt like you were going through a lot and even being fought a lot for no apparent reason? Do you know who is fighting you and why? If you don’t know your opponent, then you have lost half your battle.

Always remember that the devil knows who you are, and he is afraid of what you will become. So instead of letting you grow into your full potential, he tries to destroy you at an earlier age. For instance, the devil knew who Moses was and was going to become and even accomplish. That is why he tried to destroy him when he was a small child (Hebrews 11:23), when he was a young adult (Exodus 2:11–15), and even when he was a grown-up man, he tried to use pharaoh to destroy him, so that he didn’t accomplish his great mission on earth, which was to liberate the children of Israel from slavery and lead them to the promised land.

Most of the time, you don’t get to choose your battles; instead, the battle is chosen for you depending on what you carry. We all have battles to fight at some point, and for sure, no one is an exception. Even our Lord Jesus fought his own battles here on earth.

People might offer to give you advice on how to tackle your battle, but remember that battles are not going to be exactly the same. Their advice might have worked for them at that time, but it might not work in this battle.

Depending on what you carry, you might fight many battles. For instance, David in the Bible fought quite a number of battles at various stages of his life. For instance, he fought a bear, and when he overcame it, a lion was waiting for him, and when he overcame both, his family battles were still waiting for him, After he overcame that, a giant was standing between him and his grand prize.

You can see that for every new ground you gain, new battles await you. For the children of Israel, when they entered Canaan land, giants were waiting for them.

You will never possess a new territory without first dispossessing the owner of that territory.

Mark 3:27 In fact, no one can enter a strong man’s house without first tying him up. Then he can plunder the strong man’s house.

Just imagine we want honey without enduring the stinging of the bees, or even more, we want a harvest without first going through the process of planting. In short, we want something for nothing. We expect to just pray, sit, and wait for God to do everything. That is not going to happen, we must be ready to fight and possess our inheritance.

Jeremiah 1:5 “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you. Before you were born, I set you apart for my holy purpose. I appointed you to be a prophet to the nations.”

Many people are going through their battles due to what they carry. Some of us, before we are even born, are ordained to become great businesspeople, great leaders, and many other important things in this world.

What you carry can be seen by anyone who has spiritual eyes to see, and if they are evil, then they can choose to harm what you carry by sending various agents of darkness to represent them.

For instance, the spiritually evil people who lived during the time of David could see that David would one day become king, and that is why they sent various evil agents who came in the form of various things to try and destroy him and take away what was inside him.

According to Judges 14:8–10, remember that whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. As for Samson, he was supposed to be killed by the lion, but instead, he killed it, and that made him stronger.

The lion is a symbol of the strength of the mighty enemy, defeated by God through Samson, and honey is the sweet reward.

According to 1 Peter 4:10, remember that the devil is always afraid of you discovering the gifts hidden in yourself. The devil is after your gift, and if he can destroy it at an earlier age, then he knows that you are useless and that you are just a walking corpse waiting for the day. You are just like an empty cloud with no rain on it, so it’s useless to the farmer.

What battles does the devil use to destroy your gift?

He will send evil people who come packaged in different packaging to come and try to discourage you along your way. Some of these people will come to you and give you a million reasons why it can never be done. They will even offer you alternatives to what God had ordained you for.

As a believer, you are not supposed to give the devil a chance (Ephesians 4:27); instead, the more the stones of rejection and discouragement that are thrown at you, you should not let them hurt you; instead, you should collect them and put them to better use. You should use them to lay a foundation upon which you stand tall.

Proverbs 18:16 A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.

So, if you are being fought, then it means that you have a gift, and that is what the devil wants to steal from you, repackage it, and sell it again to you at a higher price for your soul.

Please don’t tell me that you don’t have a gift because the Bible says that all have been given a gift (1 Corinthians 12:7), but the devil has no problem with you as long as you don’t start using your gift. So if he can discourage you or keep you in the dark, that is okay.

So, brethren, then we should use our gifts very well, and we should also guard them very well (Romans 12:6–8).

A thief doesn’t break into an empty house; instead, he breaks into a house full of valuable stuff to steal. So, remember that the devil will only attack you if you have something valuable that the Lord has placed inside you.

The devil doesn’t want you to use your gift for the Lord; instead, he wants you to use it for his glory. For instance, if you are supposed to sing for the Lord and then many people get saved, he would rather that you use your gift to play in a rock band and get many people to sin and go to hell.

Never compare yourself with another person when it comes to what they have in this life, you never know the battles they fought to get where they are. You might not know what price they have paid to have what they have. Remember that each special gift you see that a person possesses comes wrapped in various battles.

According to James 1:17, God gives gifts to all of us but it’s up to us how we use them.

What Are the Signs That You Are Gifted?

1. Opposition: The greater the opposition, the greater the gift.

2. Spiritual attack: When attacks keep coming from every direction, it is a sign you have something that annoys the devil.

According to 2 Chronicles 20:17, there are certain people for whom God fights their battles, and all they have to collect is the reward attached to those battles.

Never forget that these battles you are fighting are not news to God, He knew them before they ever occurred, and that means God knows their outcome. Remember, “Battles are Won Before It Is Ever Fought.” Do your part and know that “The battle is the Lord’s!” or “Be silent. “or “Just stay calm.” (Exodus 14:13-14)

This means:

  • God will usually not fight the battle the way we would.
  • God’s timing and techniques often will not make sense to us.
  • God will ask us to be still and wait even though everything in us might want to engage.

Pastor Nathaniel

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