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Right fasting

Right Fasting: Why It’s The Engine For Success Now

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If a car’s engine is not well serviced, then the car can’t perform at its peak, and as a result, it can stop anywhere on the road at any time. But if you service your car’s engine very well, then it will serve you very well.

This is the same case when it comes to spiritual matters. You need to do the right fasting to remain at peak spiritual performance and even see more miracles in your life. The right fasting is like a spiritual engine for our spiritual bodies; the more you tune it, the better the performance you get for your body.

Yes, you might push things or even let them happen by themselves, but this takes time, so that is why we need this spiritual engine called right fasting, as we see in the book of Matthew 17:20–21. According to Matthew 6:16–18, we see that the Bible says when we fast and not if we fast. We are also told not to make a big fuss about our fasting because it’s between us and God; in short, it’s a private matter that no one else should know.


We need to add certain things to make it a success, like:

Joel 1:14 “Announce a time of fasting; call the people together for a solemn meeting. Bring the leaders and all the people of the land into the Temple of the LORD, your God, and cry out to him there.” Here we see that you might need to cry to the Lord with all your heart; in short, you need to come close to God, so you see that you don’t need to shout and alert others. So, start crying to the Lord.

Joel 2:12,”But even now,” declares the LORD, “return to me with all your heart—fasting, crying, and mourning.”

You should come to the Lord with a mourning-like spirit because of your sinful nature. It shouldn’t be a normal event, but you should show that you are very sorry for your sins and that you are not going to repeat them.


I want to leave this decision up to you. I do not have any mandatory MTM Church requirements for how to do the right fasting ; please consult your doctor if there are any medical concerns before you commence the fast. Here are a few ideas. You can choose from any of the following:

1. Food Fast

When we choose not to eat certain foods or not to eat at all, we allow our physical bodies to hunger and align our desires with our spiritual need for God. You can fast from all foods during this time (12 a.m.–9 a.m.; 12 a.m.–12 p.m.; 12 a.m.–3 p.m.; 12 a.m.–6 p.m.) each day with fluids allowed.


2. Partial Fast

Here, you can choose to eliminate certain things, like fizzy drinks, sweets, chocolates, bread, red meat, etc., but the rest of your diet remains mainly the same.

3. Fruit And Vegetables

Here you eat fruit during the day, with liquids (tea, limited coffee, herbal drinks, and water) and a vegetable meal at the closing time of your fast.

4. Liquids(Only)

Here, you might choose to drink water and herbal drinks during the day with vegetables at the closing time of your fast.

5. Media Fast

As already mentioned above, during this time, I would encourage all to abstain from all forms of worldly tv, music, games, media social media, etc. During this time, you may watch Christian shows, read the Bible, pray, worship, and hear from God. It is a good opportunity to break many of the bad habits that are keeping us away from prayer (Joel 2:28).

Please first search your heart when deciding what type of food fast you want to do. If you have never fasted, maybe start with a partial fast and move on to a fruit and vegetable fast for more extended periods, up to even 40 days. During this prayer program, no matter the level of provocation, do NOT get angry. Be on your best behavior towards friends, family, and even those who do not know you.



1. Fasting Always Brings Revival:

We see that according to Daniel 9:2,3 ” Daniel prayed earnestly to the Lord God, pleading with him, fasting, wearing sackcloth, and sitting in ashes.” Daniel understood that Israel was headed for destruction, and only God could bring revival and deliverance of nations from destruction in response to the prayer and right fasting they were offering.

2. Fasting leads to Humility and in the end, it consecrates us to the Lord:

“I put on sackcloth and humbled myself with fasting.” Psalm 35:13. Humility results in the grace of God (James 4:6). and instant access to the heart of God.

3. Spiritual Cleansing And Spiritual Eyes Opened:

Right fasting helps us receive more of the Lord’s Spirit, which helps us break any addictive habits and opens our spiritual eyes to new dimensions. According to Isaiah 58:6, it gives us light on the purpose of fasting: “Is not this the fast that I have chosen? to lose the bands of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, and to let the oppressed go free, and that you break every yoke?” Many people believe that right fasting is aimed at moving the hand of God when it is really meant to make Satan lose the things he is holding.

4. Breaking Strongholds And Building Faith:

Right fasting frees those who are oppressed, breaks every opposing yoke, breaks the bonds of wickedness, and destroys heavy burdens. Right fasting is a crucial component in winning difficult circumstances that don’t seem to respond to regular prayer. Our faith is strengthened by fasting. Matthew 17:21 shows us why the disciples were not able to cast a demon out of a child. Right fasting also makes it easier for us to hear the voice of the Lord (Acts 13:2). When we deny our natural cravings, our spiritual antennas become more attuned. We become more sensitive to His voice as we divest ourselves of worldly distractions. Therefore, you need to do the right thing to see the right results.

Recommended Prayers During This Fasting :

True Fasting: 20 Proven Prayers To Do It Now. (

Pastor Nathaniel

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