Should Genuine Christian People Ask God For A Sign?


Remember where you see a sign it means a believer has passed there. So why do we need a sign? Have signs stop with the prophets? Are signs for Today’s generation? Are you sure that I am in the right place in life do I need a sign to confirm this? This are a few questions in our minds as to why we think we need a sign from God.

A sign is just a tool in the hand of a believer to demonstrate what his God can do if given an opportunity. A tool can’t make you a good worker if you are not so is a sign it can’t make you good believer if you are not. A sign is like a makeup to a believer it if you are ugly a makeup won’t make you beautiful, the same applies if you are not a believer a sign won’t make you a believer.

God has never changed he is the same Hebrew 13.8` God still has been doing signs and wonders for his people and to his people. Signs came in two ways one to confirm that God has sent you as a believer to you fellow men (Exodus 3:12) and the other type of a sign for God to prove to you a point. These shows unbelieve. Yes, signs are for unbeliever and not believers (1 Corinthians 14:22). Especially if we keep chasing after them as many worldly people do.

Remember even during the times of Jesus the people want a sign and Jesus knew it and so he replied to the I know you have followed me because you need a sign (John 6:14,30).

According to 2 Kings 20:8-10 Kings and leaders were used to asking for a sign not out of a sense of unbelieve but from a point of checking whether they were truly in right standing with God. A sign to them was like a signatory move than God is behind that is why a sign should follow us and not the other way round.

Examples Of Bible Characters Who Received A Sign From God.

Moses was given a sign his rod turned to a snake and even another sign was his hand was like leprosy.

Gideon the flees Judges 6 wanted confirmation that this was the will of God

Gehazi unbeliever saw armies on mountain for him to believe

Pharaoh needed a sign after a sign to ever start believing.

Johan and the rough sea sign that he was lost and not in God radar

David being appointed King the sign was the oil had to come from the horn as sign of confirmation

Elijah and the Baal prophets fire had to come from heaven to confirm who is the true God

Some people need a sign to keep them on track to bring them back on track and to take them out of a bad situation just like the prodigal son eating with pigs was the sign he need to come back to his senses.

If you keep proving to a person or a group through a sign you will do it so many times.

Jesus in John 10:37-38 said even if you don’t believe me believe in the miracles I do. Most people can’t finish their prayers without asking for a sign if only God could do this or that. They only see God from a perspective of what they can get from him and not what they can give.

God is not against asking for a sign or testing him in this way. But only for a good reason in line with his word or to build his kingdom. Like give a 10%(Malachi 3:10)

Many people spent their time chasing after signs and wonders and not after the messiah. They got that the signs should chase after them (Mark 16:17) So, they miss the blessing God has for them, because they narrow God to their narrow way of seeing things. They forget that God’s ways or thoughts are above ours so why help God think.

According to 1 Corinthians 2:4 We did not come with empty words we can’t back with power. If the sign is for the sake of the kingdom or to grow you God will send people along the way, scriptures will jump out of the bible to confirm what God wants from you you will hear it from people.

What makes many of us to ask for a sign is due to impatience? We are not willing to wait for Gods processes and the time involved. We don’t want to grow into things we want to force them at all cost and hence the devils trap us with force signs. Remember you trap a thing with what it likes most. No wonder force signs and wonders are on the increase 2 Corinthians 11.13-15

We ask for a sign because we already know what the answer is and we want God to confirm that answer by any means necessary and that is when the devil can give a force sign. Afterall not all signs no matter how powerful they are,are from God.

Don’t ask for a sign if what you are doing is against the will of God. God won’t answer and that is when the devil might come in with an answer packaged as the answer you wanted.

Dangers of getting used to a particular sign.

According to 1 Kings 19:11-13 Remember when Elijah thought God was in the thunder but wasn’t there. So, if he only believed in one sign or one way of God speaking to him, he would have missed him or given up.

Why some of us ask for a sign is because of our unbelieve. Even if we receive the sign, we wont still believe we will still keep on ask for more signs due to our unbelieve. E.g. even after Thomas had seen all the miracles Jesus did during those 3 years. Years he still need a sign to make him believe so he touched Jesus side. I won’t believe all the testimonies I am hearing I need them to happen to me and then I will believe.

Sign follow me wherever I go I don’t need to force them they are like my shadow. You don’t beg it to follow you. It happens automatically you don’t need to do anything. I don’t need to look for them even when time are tough, they are still there in good time and bad times. No one needs to convince me about that it guaranteed.

According to Luke 4.12 let’s not put our God to the test. Mathew 16.1-4 Here they wanted to test Jesus for all the wrong reasons.

Act 1.21-26 show which of this and they cast lot to get an answer. Here they wanted to do the will of God. Have you found yourself in any of this situation where you needed a sure answer otherwise something could go wrong. Show me whether this right man for me? Right Job? And the list goes on and on. Its ok to not know the answer but still trust that God is working behind the scenes and he got this situation under control. Believe him to do good just as we believe the wind exist and we don’t ask proof of its existence, bring some wind or air and I will believe.

 2 cor.12.7-10 you might ask for a sign or be given a sign by God which is not what you expected and now you might start fighting against it but God might be saying hag on their it me. I want to grow a certain character or thing in you, trust me the more Job in the bible.

Our biggest problem is we want to pass our responsibility of making a decision or acting on a decision made to someone else so that if the outcome is not what we want or is bad we can blame it on something or someone.e.g., Adam it that fruit I was given by that woman.

We lack faith to step out in faith and do want God wants us to do so me take along others in case we fail so that we can blame them no wonder we need a sign.

Why we need a sign is because we have already fallen into the trap of wanting to be told what to do by someone(model) or something (it could be a radio or TV or Horoscope or Superstitions(omens)). Let’s say you see a rainbow or a shooting star after a romantic date it doesn’t mean you should get married. If the thing contradicts the bible its demonic since it should agree with the bible principles (Mathew 26:53-54).

In most cases a sign is confirmed by one or more people. Like you were thinking of singing for God and the worship leader asks you to join the church choir. E.g., disciples wanted to a sign as to who will betray Jesus (John 13:25-26)(John 18:3).

Every sign God gives to you will only bring more clarity and not confusion to what he is saying after God is not a God of confusion (1Corinthians 14:33).

Stay away from those who interpret this sign for you because they draw you away from God to themselves. Deuteronomy 18:10 Let no one be found among you who sacrifices their son or daughter in the fire, who practices divination or sorcery, interprets omens, engages in witchcraft,

Pastor Nathaniel

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