The Power Of The Anointing Oil For Genuine Christian People

The Power Of The Anointing Oil For Genuine Christian People

anointing oil

There are 341 verses in around 201 chapters that talk about the anointing and the anointing oil. According to 2 Chronicles 15:2-18 There were no more priests in Israel since there were no more priests so there was no more anointing instead, they had more problems. Now days most men of God are selling the anointing to sustain themself, which is wrong. Just as in the days of the Witch called Simon who said sell me this power Acts 8:9,18-22

Vessels Ready To Receive The Anointing Oil

Did you know that Anointing can be harvested and stored in vessels(anointing oil) like Jesus used to do that by going to the mountain and harvesting it during the prayer hours and by day time He release it through healing,miracles etc. it seems the lady who touched Jesus tried to access the store room for this anointing in Jesus life.(Luke 8:44-46)

According to Matthew 9:17 Some vessels can’t handle the anointing being released into the due to their condition they are old wine skin and this is new the anointing destroys them because they are not ready for it.

Nowhere in the bible did any person anoint himself with anointing oil but they were always anointed by someone (either a prophet,elders,disciples etc. So how can you anoint yourself? The reason you can’t anoint yourself is because a problem cant be solved at the level it was created. You need someone at a high level to anoint you.

According to Matthew 10:5-8 You can’t buy anointing just like you can’t buy any other gift of the holy spirit. Isaiah 55:1 encourages us to get it for free from Jesus. Its like you telling me that you are going to buy a piece of the holy spirit in any form or put him inside a bottle. The only way anointing oil works is to act as an extension of the anointed one who is connected to heaven itself and drawing from there.

The oil by itself has no power all what is required is point of contact linked to heaven. When you are anointed with oil you are slippery hence even the devil can’t get hold of you give the devil no holding place Ephesians 4:27 the more anointed you are the safer you are. No wonder the bible says touch not the anointed of God Psalm 105:15 it known you can’t touch them due to the anointing in their life.

In case you have already been affected and you are sick then bible says don’t worry instead call elders to anoint you with oil to heal you and stop further infection James 5.14 Remember the elders are not praying alone but alongside with Holyspririt. Anointing +Faith = Power to heal etc

According to psalm 23:4 as a shepherd boy he used to anoint with olive oil his animals at night in case of injury and also to protect them from insects since if insects come inside the ears will enter the brain and kill the animal.So as Christians we should be anointed regularly to ward off the devil.

Now if David was a shepherd, then Jesus came and is the good shepherd according John 10.14, Since we follow Jesus’ example as pastors, we are also good shepherd who look after our members needs through doing what a shepherd does which mean we have to have the oil Just as in the days of Jesus where he sent his disciples with oil to do the shepherd work Mark 6.7-13

Oil represents the Holy Spirit. Oil is the constant reminder of the spirit of God oiling us and our affairs. God has anointed us from before all what follows is a confirmation through anointing oil.2 cor.1:20-22. Why do we get anointed again and again or as often as possible?

It because just like in the days of king Saul although he was anointed at times the holy spirit left him 1 Samuel 16:14 and he needed the holy spirit to be welcomed back again through certain different ways.

When you are anointed its like you receive a blanket or a mark of some sort which protects you Galatians 6:17. God has put a mark or an hedge of protection. In the spiritual realm it shines and sends dark forces away. You are not an easy target but you are still a target like job.

Brethren don’t put your faith in the oil but in the finished work of Christ in the cross where he paid for it all all the oil does its just a tool to help you receive what already is yours.

Mathew 25:1-3 I can’t give you my oil but you must learn to close your door (Elisha and the widow) and connect with the giver of oil Christ who says come buy oil for free.

Pastor Nathaniel

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