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With A Team People See More Miracles Now

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 In a distant land there lived a very devoted priest, who fully believed in the saving power of God no matter what the circumstances were. Then one day it rained and rained until the whole land was flooded with water, so then this priest said to his friend, team and congregants that he was very sure that God will save them as in the days of Noah.

The water level raised and raised and so his friends started leaving one by one and they tried to go with him but he refused and was waiting for God to come and rescue him. Then the government sent lifeguards with a boat but he still refused to go and as a last attempt the Government sent a helicopter to airlift him but he still refused and afterward he died, but before he died he heard a voice saying to him I am God I came to save you as per your request packaged in many forms as your friends, the boat and even the helicopter but you refused my help

According to 1 Kings 19:11-13 Remember God might not come in the way you think he should, so be careful not to miss him due to your wrong teachings, thoughts etc. So, most of us like this priest are waiting for God himself to show up and we will not accept any other person to help. Be careful not to miss God because of ignorance or pride.

With A Team People See More Miracles Now Ephesians 4:16

Teams work always

The word TEAM is a four-letter word that stands for T Together E Everyone A Achieves M More. Most wars, and games etc were won by teams. Through teamwork, even the most impossible task can be accomplished. For instance, According to Genesis 11: 3-8, “The people started building a tower. What you can’t have alone it’s very easy to have with a little push from your team.

Team spirit story (two brothers one of which was blind, pull a car stuck, as a team)

A tourist was driving in a remote village then he got lost and ended up getting stuck in a ditch so the tourist wondered around looking for help then he saw a hunter in the woods who told him that a certain farmer and his brother can help him. So he quickly went to them and asked for their help.

He asked them and they agreed, and they all went together. They tied a rope to the car and the blind man started pulling but as long as his brother kept calling many other names of people, as if they were many others with them, the blind man felt the burden less and less and they pulled the car out of that ditch.

You are as strong as your team. A chain is as strong as its links if one is broken then the whole chain is weak. If your teammate is struggling help him or her. Everyone can work alone but what a team can do no one can do alone. The secret is that there are many hands and one mind in a team. Many hands make things easy. A drop will remain as a drop, but many drops together make an ocean. The most anointed pastor can’t be called a church. He needs more like-minded people to form a church.

One person can’t hear and see everything, you therefore need a good team to be his ears and eyes at the back. One lion can’t kill a buffalo but as a team, they can take down a buffalo and even a giraffe easily. Remember its lonely at the top unless your bring along your friend for company.

Brethren we always live as a team at our workplace in our communities and even in our clubs. As we attend funerals together but when it comes to matters of god we don’t want to become a group why and yet we share the same room.

As an individual I am imperfect but because of a team my imperfections are hidden or minimised. You will only know a good team when things are not going well since they will still achieve a great level of success.

The reason they win is because they still stick together no matter what and find a way to get things done, they are forced to learn to trust each other not because they like each other, or things are easy but because of the task at hand.

Leadership is necessary.

Team spirit tested

According to Genesis 7:23, Noah had a good group whereby in the ark he had no in fights, the elephant lived well with the ants and didnt kill each other. They worked together to overcome this flood.

Jesus had a team of 12 where we still had Thomas and judas in there, but even so Jesus stayed with them, and we had and still have the great ministry of Jesus.

Elijah had only Elisha and was a huge success. According to 2 Kings 5:24-26 Elisha had also Gehazi, but they failed because they were a bad team due to a lack of trust

No one is as smart as a group. Yes each and every one is talented in a certain area but you still need the other person who has what you don’t have. 1 corinthians 14:26. When an ordinary person like Paul finds himself in a good team then extraordinary things start to happen (Acts 19:11)

Remember if you want to go fast then go alone but if you want to go far them join a team.

Before a team can succeed each member of the team must be good and ready to share that goodness with others. So work out your salvation and be disciplined and keep up that discipline no matter what.

Don’t try to be the Superman in the Church (One-man army), try to be one of the best members of the greatest army of the Lord marching to heaven (1 Chronicles 11:10 and 2 Samuel 23:8-39). The way to achieve your own success in anything is to be willing to help somebody else get it first.

Pastor Nathaniel

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