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Extra Mile Blessing: Proven Ways People Attain It

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What Is Extra Mile Blessing

According to Matthew 5:42, the bible reminds us that if someone forces you to go a mile, go with him two miles. Have you ever felt God told you to do a very hard task and also it didn’t make sense to you or your friends just like Abram being told to sacrifice his only son (Hebrews 11:17) and even worse off to leave his people so that he will receive that blessing.

To get an extra mile blessing you must be prepared to go the extra mile. Most people are not ready to put in what is required to get them what they want in life. Yes, that thing might not make sense but still, God is asking you to go the extra mile to achieve it. Yet when you obey and do it you get that extra mile blessing. So, what is God asking you to do is it giving, serving, or both?


There was this guy who was very lazy and the company was about to fire him then one day he left his car in a dangerous neighborhood and it was vandalized. With no insurance to fall back on, he thought for a while and started waking up early and even going home late to take overtime to repair his car. Not only did he repair his car, but he was also noticed by his boss and earned a promotion. This young guy saw an opportunity to go the extra mile and it paid.

Look for something extraordinary to do so that you can get extraordinary results. When the Israelites reached the river Jordan the feet of the priest had to touch the river first, it was a risk and was dangerous, but they did it so that they could reach the promised land (Joshua 3:13-16). Accepting the status quo won’t take you far. move away from the tradition.

You only get this kind of blessing when nothing can stop you because you are willing to run if you can’t run, walk, and if that can’t happen crawl, and if that is difficult, roll but what you won’t do is stay in one place. Move or be removed by circumstances or people. Some of us are like wheelbarrows we need someone to push us.

If you do the ordinary things God is asking you to do (things like when you fast, pray and give which is found in Matthew 6) God will do the extraordinary things you are asking God to do. Without extra mile obedience, you will miss your extra mile blessing like in the case of King Saul who disobeyed God twice. This cost him his kingdom and long life.

Don’t be surprised when God is about to upgrade you to a new level that a major setback, challenge appears in your life. Just like in the case of Job who lost everything but got an extra mile blessing in form of double everything in the end due to this (Job 42:10).

There are certain blessings you won’t get unless you go the extra mile. God might be asking you to give up something or someone that you don’t know how you will survive without after doing so. Do you remember the widow of Zarephath in 1 Kings 17:10-13? She had to make a very hard choice to obey the prophet or not to get that extra mile supernatural provision blessing.

Most of us just like this widow we are willing to obey the ordinary request (the water part is easy since water is free) which don’t put a heavy demand on us and our resources but if it requires a deeper commitment (the bread part is hard since it costs something and it doesn’t feel comfortable), so we are not ready. No wonder we are missing where the big miracles are happening because this is the key.


Somali people in a new town remove their shoes to walk around barefooted and possess the Lord by making a covenant with that street and then start a business.

After starting the business, they go the extra mile and look for the widows and poor in the land and feed them and by so doing they make a covenant with God who said he (whether Christian, Muslim, Hindu, etc) who lends the poor lends God and God will repay him (Proverbs 19:17). So, from that day henceforth they takeover that area with this covenant in place.

Jacob in the Bible did something similar he cooked a nice meal and gave his hungry brother Esau and in exchange, he took his birth rite (Genesis 25:32-34) like what Somali people do. He even when further and collected Esau’s blessing by cheating his father by pretending that is going the extra mile in Genesis 27:4-24. He became wealthy by going the extra mile by cheating on his father-in-law Laban.

After I had lost my Job as if that wasn’t difficult enough God reminded me that it was time to build him a sanctuary and this wasn’t going to cost little. So, now it was for me to give God all the excuses in this world of how that is a bad idea because of this or that.

But I chose to obey 100% and just immediately the church was completed then God gave me my extra mile blessing of a house and more funds for heavenly sources to complete all my repair work. God wanted to see if he can trust me to build his sanctuary in exchange for him building mine. According to Psalm 37:25, God won’t forget you at all including your children.

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