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Proven Benefits Of People Waiting Now

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There is nothing as difficult as waiting for an outcome, results of something or even for God to answer a certain prayer. You have prayed all manner of prayers, fasted, and even given gifts to men of God but nothing has happened. During this time, we might even think that God has forgotten us.

Sometimes simply because we are prepared to do something it doesn’t mean God is prepared. We might have to wait upon the lord as he arranges circumstances, people, and times to favour us.

Examples Of Biblical Cases Of Waiting Upon The Lord.

God is arranging our King Saul’s and Jonathan’s to ushers us to the palace.

God is sometimes arranging for how we will be transported to the next level of blessing. This could be what we didn’t expect like in the case of Jonah it was a whale swallowing him so what is swallowing you or it could be Joseph’s brother’s selling him to be transported to Egypt. But be sure God is busy doing something, so wait upon him.

Pastor I should be a prophet or a pastor by now, but God says wait. Remember:

1. According to John 7:6 even Jesus understood this law of waiting and he even told his mother the same in John 2:4 and no wonder it took Jesus 30 years before he started his ministry.

2. It took 3.5 yrs.’ for the ministry of disciples to start.

3. It took 15 years of preparation before David was ready to be anointed King of Israel. Then another 2 years more before he fought Goliath( 1 Samuel 17:33). Then he needed 13 more years of preparation before he became the King (2 Samuel 5:4)

4. Joseph was 17 years old when he was sold to Egypt (Genesis 37:2). But it took 13 years more before he became the prime minister of Egypt (Genesis 41:46).

God might be causing the delay to grow us, to develop us and even gain more experience since what he has in store might be bigger than what we can handle as at that time. During this time of waiting, you might think that nothing is happening.

According to Romans 7:18-19, Due to not knowing the rules of the battle or even which battle to engage and which not to you might be forced to rise to early leading to more delay.

Don’t be discouraged when it doesn’t happen as quickly as you would want it to. Remember whatever God starts he finishes (Philippians 1:6). But God has first to trust you with those unimportant tasks before trusting you with greater responsibility (Luke 16:10). Remember the prodigal son who received his inheritance when he wasn’t ready and it nearly destroyed him.

Sometimes God proves his love to us by not giving us certain things. When God is working on your character it might take time but it’s worth it and without it you can’t succeed, and life would be very difficult in future where you will need those lessons you learned or didn’t learn.

Most of the time we are interested in the destination, but God is interested in the journey. No wonder we become impatient and get into trouble.

Most of us grow in the area we exercise the most, just look at David and samson who for lions, bears and giants were both very good at warfare but very poor at love affairs and no wonder both messed badly at this matter. Samson with Delilah and King David with Bathsheba (2 Samuel 11:4)

Remember if what you are praying for isn’t changing you, then maybe God is using it to change you. Sometimes you have the promise, but nothing is changing to support that promise.

Most of the times you don’t grow when things are easy instead you need that waiting period during when the growth happens.

I know we live in a microwave society where you can get almost everything at the press of a button but not anointing, holiness etc. It takes time to achieve these things.

Otherwise, if you try to force it then you end up selling your birth rite and soul to the enemy just like Esau did, he sold his birth rite to his brother Jacob. The devil tried this with Jesus, but it failed because Jesus understood the principle of waiting.

I meet some people who tell me to pray for them to have my anointing and I ask them can you go through what I have gone through. Peter thought he could bear that cup assigned for Jesus, but it was too bitter for him to swallow no wonder he denounced him 3 times. There is a price to pay and sometimes it’s very heavy.

I supported other people’s visions and made them look good and now God has given me people to do the same. Whatever you give will be given to you. So, what are you doing?

Brethren learn to pray “God don’t give me a grace I can’t handle, don’t take me to places I shouldn’t be in”. Remember the prodigal son he wanted his prepared blessing, but he was unprepared and that is why it almost destroyed him because it was too much for him and he needed more time to learn how to handle that amount of blessing.

We shouldn’t fall in the trap of looking at what others are doing because this can make us to make wrong choices. God has a blessing with your name written over it and it won’t go to anyone else. So, any time you feel under pressure that is not the thing or blessing God has for you. King Saul didn’t want to wait. But he wanted to rise quickly and cost him his life.

No begging or bribing is needed to get your blessing. Remember David’s father or even more Joseph’s father both never thought that their sons will become what God was saying they would become. No wonder they gave them positions of no importance, but God gave them those important positions.


An elephant takes 24 months to give birth to one baby elephant while a dog takes just over 2 months to give birth to over 6 puppies.

Imagine both had a talk, it would go like this, “I the dog, have many puppies every 2 months what is happening to you are you still pregnant or what?”, Everything you see has its season and you can’t force a certain season to appear at will.

The elephant answered the dog that what its carrying is something big and uncommon and you can’t call it a puppy.

When you see the blessing, the person God has for you it will be worth the waiting. Some of your blessings are going to be international and even multinational. They will be record breaking blessings.

Sometimes God shuts a door because what we are believing for is too small compared with what God has in store for you.

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