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Spirit of The Valley: Proven Prayers Against It Now

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In the Bible, mountains are mentioned 570 times and valleys 28 times. Life is a series of mountains and valleys. So remember If your prayer life is weak then it means that everything in your life is weak and hence the spirit of the valley has won the battle. So, you can’t be a part time Christ who is fight a full-time devil, it won’t work.

So, take advantage of this week of prayer to reconnect with God and that God is present help in times of need. But you can’t expect to be helped by God and yet you are strangers. When did you last ready the Bible God’s word? It our manual that teaches us how to speak to our mountains because it’s not a storybook but a book of transformation.

On the mountains, I will bow my life to the one who set me there. In the valley, I will lift my eyes to the one who sees me there. When I’m standing on the mountain aft, didn’t get there on my own. When I’m walking through the valley end, no I am not alone! You’re God of the hills and valleys!

Prayer Points to destroy spirits of the valley to be accompanied by fasting if possible:

Step 1. Start Praising God and worship him with songs, and even with dancing.
Step 2. Repent…(As the Holy Ghost reminds you of any un repented SINS during the day)
Confess your sins one by one (e.g. sex outside marriage, abortion or other forms of bloodshed, worship of false gods, family altars) Mention them by name, especially sexual sins. And ask GOD for forgiveness and mercy. For those sins one by one. Believe that the LORD has forgiven you as He has promised in His Word. You need to repent of them all if you REALLY want to see results in this program.

Step 3. Confess out LOUD the Scriptures promising deliverance from the spirits of the valley:
Psalm 125:2, Exod. 14:13-14, 1 Cor. 10:13, Psalm 40:1-2

Step 4. Speak to spirits of the valley:
1.I command that every Spirit of the valley of…(failure, sickness, delay, disappointment etc. mentions yours) affecting me, my children, my home and work, to come out in Jesus’ name.

  1. My Father! My Father! Pull me out the of my valley and take me to the mountain top in Jesus’ name.
  2. I bind and cast out all the evil spirits that are attempting to keep me in a low paying job, low income, poor living conditions etc. In Jesus name.
  3. According to 1 Kings 20:28 Lord, you are the God of the valleys. So cast out every spirits of the valley affecting the progress of my children, my home and work, In Jesus name.\
  4. As per the book of 1 Kings 20:28 My Father! My Father! stretch out your mighty hand today and cast out every valley spirit (mention them one by one…sickness, joblessness etc. in my life and family. In Jesus name.
  5. According to the book of Joshua 7:24–26 I command every Achkan in my life to be destroyed in the valley made for me in Jesus name.
  6. I command all the spirits of the valley to vomit my financial blessings, marital blessings etc. In Jesus name.
  7. Any problem assigned to push me to the valley where I will meet the wrong people, scatter In Jesus name
  8. Voice of my glory stolen by the spirits of the valley; I recover you now In Jesus name.
  9. Power of inherited frustration, as a result of the spirits of the valley. I’m not your candidate, catch fire. In Jesus name
  10. Spent some time thanking God for how he has helped you overcome the spirits of the valley this year.

Step 5. Close the session with high praises to the LORD.

Pastor Nathaniel

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