Shadows can be deceiving To The Genuine Christian People.


James 1:17NIV: “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadow.

Remember behind shadows things don’t seem as they are to the untrained eyes

Story About Shadows can be deceiving

Two angels who had visited a certain village decided to visit one of the richest family there who offered them the basement room instead of the guesthouse. At night the Archangel so a hole in the wall and he covered it. The following day the were walking and they decided to spent the night at one of the poorest of the poorest family in that village. There they were treated as VIP since the couple gave them their beds.

In the morning the cow of this poor family was found dead. So the angel asked the arch angel why let this only cow die while he covered that hole in the rich family and the arch angel said I saw Gold in that hole and due to that bad treatment he covered it so they will never find it again and he said things don’t look as they seem. So he said that at night the angel of death came to take the famers wife but the arch angel negotiated and gave him that cow instead.

Have you ever seen anyone anything or anyone without a shadow. If so, it’s not real.

Shadows keep on moving with the owner of the shadow

Even if I walk in the shadow of death (psalms 23.4)

When you are in the shadow it might mean the death of certain things in your life things like pride, anger.

What causes this shadow is the thing that causes the death of this anger.

What are shadows to you?

Psalm 91:1 shadow here means surrounding you, protecting you from a bad condition. Shadows can be deceiving to the untrained eye. They give you a false picture. A hiding place for your weakness. We don’t want the light to shine on us due to our evil ways

People are willing to accept the shadow than go for the real thing because its more demanding. False Christ, God, holy spirit, etc. Shadows are found when it comes to symbols, gestures, codes, plans Bs

If you are standing in the shadow of a giant it can look to other that you are so great because they can’t see your shadow. Isaiah 30:2-3

In whose shadow are you standing on and what effect is it bring to you.

Hosea 14:7 Those who live in his shadow.

Psalm 17:8 Hide me in the shadow of Your wings

Remember we want the shadow of the almighty God to be cast in this altar ONLY

If you are under a failure shadow you know your end. Be careful that you don’t loss your shadow which is your identity, When you have an idea of the heavenly things you need like an altar the you align yourself so that shadow of that thing and the results are start aligning yourself.

Colossians 2:17 Shadows appear first before you see what’s on the way coming. These are a shadow of the things that were to come; the reality, however, is found in Christ. There are people who operate under the shadows of demonic world and so never see them because they hide under those shadows.

Simply because you can’t see it it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

For a shadow to be formed you need a source of light. So, our source of light is the son of God. Things are not what they seem in the shadows and that is why we need to be inside the kingdom so that we can see with the king’s eyes. Take your eyes off men and put them on the lord (2 Corinthians 4:18). Don’t be moved by what you see

2 Kings 6:16-17.Gehazi couldn’t see the angels who were just hidden in the shadows and needed to adjust his sight. Most of us are blinded by the this world so we cant see what is hidden in plain sight(2 Kings 6:18-21).

If you are struggling or in a problem is because you are looking at what you can see only and ignoring the other areas of life (1 Corinthians 15:44). God is greater than what you see, feel or are experiencing. To avoid being deceived stay in touch with the bible and not prophets even when you see great miracles (Mathew 24:24)

You got where you are by faith and so don’t change now. Whether men reject or force you to do things always please God. Whether they follow you, unfriend you or ignore you its irrelevant what matters is you stand with God. This can lead to idolatry so be careful not to try to steal God’s Glory. Simply because you can’t see God, it doesn’t mean you steal his Glory he will come out of the shadows and punish you.

2 Samuel 24 :1-4,10 Don’t be like David who numbered his army and forgot to number the warrior angels on their side and this made God angry. Some of us go to our banks and number what’s their and forget our heavenly bank in heaven. No wonder we say never count your chicks before they hatch.

Take your eyes off your resources, connections and only rely on God for everything. Concentrate on where you help comes from (Psalms 121:1-3). Remember you used to trust God when you had nothing just to get by now that you have some coins what happened. Yes, you are not where you want to be or things are not what they seem but your spiritual address has changed.

So pls come out of that shadow and start leaving a real life

Pastor Nathaniel

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This is uplifting/amen

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