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Shekinah glory

Shekinah glory Is Forbidden For Genuine Christian People.

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Today we will learn the difference between shekinah glory and God’s glory. Glory is a central theme in the Bible. In Exodus, glory filled the Tabernacle; in Romans, the statement we have fallen short of the glory of God; and 1 Corinthians reminds us to do all things for his glory.

Have you heard people say things like, “I was created for God’s glory, we want to glory God, or we have fallen short of God’s Glory.” These terminologies have been used so much that they have lost meaning. Remember that we sing the glory and we quote the glory verses in the church.

When men went up the mountains, God used to deposit something in their spirits called anointing, which was necessary to do the work God sent these men to do. God would maybe send them to rule, heal, and even do miracles for his people so that they would know his will.

For God to show that this person was truly with him at the mountain, he would clothe him with heavenly garments called mantles, and the only way you would describe it in earthly terms is the glory. Psalms 104:1 “You are clothed with glory and honor.” The glory is like carrying a piece of heaven’s clothing from the meeting point with God down to earth. Remember the transfiguration of Jesus?

God clothes himself with glory, and so if you have an encounter with God, his glory rubs on you, and something is deposited on you called the anointing. When this happens, it is even visible to others, just like Moses and Elisha. So, this glory carrier was guarded by the angelic host to protect this glory.

According to Exodus 34:30–34, when Moses came back from meeting God, then the people would identify that he was with God due to God’s glory and would announce his presence to these men. Hence, they would come to receive what this glory carrier was carrying inside himself, and that was the anointing.

So as some of these people were possessed by demons and evil spirits, when approaching him, the demons and sickness would leave them first, and then they would partake of this anointing. God’s glory can destroy you if you insist on living in sin, and that is why the children of Israel told Moses to cover his face.

Remember Exodus 3:2–6, when Moses saw the burning bush, God told him to remove his shoes (representing his sin). Sin is the rejection of God’s glory, and it’s no wonder we say we have fallen short of God’s glory. Exodus 33:18-23 Moses wanted to see God’s glory, but glory is an honor to be given to only God and not mortals. So, you can’t see God’s face (His glory) and live to tell the tale ( Exodus 33:20).

Adam, when he lost the capacity to be a glory carrier, couldn’t meet the glory giver due to sin, so we always run away from it because it can destroy us. Nowadays, people only want to receive the anointing minus the glory(which they also call shekinah glory); remember, the anointing is housed in the glory. No glory, no anointing–remember, you can’t have one without the other.

According to 2 Kings 2:9–15, when Elisha received the double anointing, the 50 prophets recognized him immediately because of the glory.

According to 2 Chronicles 5:13–14, when the priests were ministering, the glory was so great that it overwhelmed them, and they couldn’t stand to minister. Kabod is the Hebrew word for glory, which means heavy or weighty, i.e., loaded with money. When we experience the weight of God’s beauty, Goodness, etc

When Jesus was resurrected, he wasn’t glorified (wasn’t yet clothed with heavenly clothes) and had to go to heaven to be clothed with this cloth called glory. John 20:17. Psalms 19:1 How clearly the sky reveals God’s glory! How plainly it shows what he has done!

Brethren, a sermon can’t change you; it can encourage you, inform you, or inspire you. But after church, hell is waiting for you. Unless God’s glory is rubbing on you, When you spend extended time in God’s presence through his word, prayer, and fasting, you give God all the freedom to rub on you.

When you go to God as you are, God is able to see you for who you are and not what people see. Then, as a result of this, you are being transformed back into God’s image. For instance, in the Enoch case, From Glory to Glory.

Peter and John came out of the mountain of transfiguration clothed in glory, but the devil was waiting for them at the bottom of the mountain. The greater your glorious encounter, the more Satan will challenge you in your everyday life.

For instance, in Exodus 32:4–8, Aaron made an idol after Moses went to meet God and was covered with God’s glory.

Remember, simply because the glory of God is upon you, it doesn’t mean that people won’t mock and even disrespect you. Think of Moses being disrespected by his sister (Numbers 12:1)

What about Elisha? He had just seen the glory of God when Elijah was being taken to heaven. (2 Kings 2:23–24)

Have you noticed that when you come from Sunday (what we can call Sunday Mountain), full of glory the devil is waiting for you on the other side of that mountain called Monday to Saturday? What the devil is trying to convince you is that Jesus is only relevant and works in the (churches on Sunday)mountains and not elsewhere. He wants to remind you that you are a Sunday person and someone different.

According to 1 Kings 20:28 non-Christians believe that Christian God can’t. He is a God of Sunday but not a God of other days.

So, who are you now everyday Colossians 3:4. Whatever happens on Sunday must be visible in your life the rest of the week. Leave that story of Glory(shekinah glory), alone since the non-Christians believe our God only operates in our minds or in the church ONLY. They believe we only gather there to discuss historic Jesus and nothing like those things can happen today.

Do you know why sinners don’t take us seriously about what happened or is happening? It’s because of our double-standard lifestyle. Brethren are you preaching Jesus by the way you live out there?

According to Galatians 2:20 who lives in your life is it the devil and his works or Jesus Christ? Can you say Jesus is living in you every day or sometimes (Colossians 3:3-4)?

Christ wants us to live twenty-four seven, demonstrating his glory to the world.

What Is Shekinah Glory (Fake Glory)?

shekinah glory 1

God dwelled among his people (Israelites Tabernacle) (John 1:1), i.e., shekinah glory (shekinah glory is never found anywhere in the Bible since shekinah glory is a Judaism concept).

Shekinah glory is a feminine word. Just imagine if Moses were to say to the Israelites that God is a woman. It was believed that God is a man (1 Corinthians 11:7; Genesis 1:27). Remember that Jesus said if you have seen him, you have seen the Father (man)John 14:9

Shekinah Glory is pagan terminology taken from Kabbala by the New Age movement to say God is both a man and a woman, allowing the worship of Mother Earth. You will see people show a V sign with their four fingers in TV shows like Star Trek. It’s blasphemous.

Did you know that in the American dollar, there is a star of David with 13 stars, and around it is the shekinah glory cloud bast symbolizing the shekinah glory that was over the tabernacle.US President George Washington said he wanted it to be in the US dollar as a show of the contribution Israel had on USA. We would say shekinah glory is a fake glory used by the New Age Movement. So, watch out.

Why misuse a word you don’t understand, like shekinah glory, which is a Hebrew word but is nowhere to be found in the bible and is pagan in nature (some Kabala groups related it to god’s wife), e.g., Poisson in French means fish while in English it means poison. Just imagine saying Baal Jesus, the two can’t relate same as shekinah glory (is Pagan) and God’s Glory (Godly)

Pastor Nathaniel

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