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The Best Christmas In Christ’s Eyes Now.

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According to Galatians 1:8-9, most of us are a result of bad theology, for example, a theology that is bent on making money at all costs, even if we have to sell Jesus as Judas did during the time of Jesus or even introduce holidays like Christmas. According to Revelation 22:18-19 Don’t try to write your own bible, or change it to suit your own narrow agenda. Yes, times have changed, but the Bible has not changed, and neither has its writer God, Malachi 3:6

It’s a reality that Jesus was born, and people celebrated it as Christmas. According to Matthew 2:11, the magi came and celebrated with presents to give to Jesus. According to Hosea 4:6, Ignorance is not self-defense, and many people say “I didn’t know whether to celebrate Christmas or not.”

According to Luke 4:15-16, just imagine that Jesus used to attend synagogues, even though they belonged to and were run by Pharisees. First, Jesus knew that it was the right thing to worship God, but not the way it was done back in the day.

Many people were selling things in the church of the day (John 2:15-17). They prayed, fasted, and gave in the wrong way and for the wrong reasons, so he came to correct that (Matthew 6). Why did he do that? This was where the people were, and it was also the accepted system of the day. So, he didn’t fight them foolishly. Be wise as a snake and calm as a dove according to (Matthew 10:16). In Matthew 5:17-20 Jesus did not abolish anything in the Bible, so who am I?


Let’s say your father bought you a white Range Rover as a present for your 1st birthday, but before he could present it to you, he died, and so the car was delayed in reaching you, due to this or that. so it was stored somewhere during all those years. So, where it was stored, the neighborhood was bad, and there was a lot of theft resulting in part of the car getting stolen.

So, then, the custodian kept on replacing those stolen parts with other parts that looked like them, and by the time you became of age and was presented with the car, it looked very different. Since it had parts of other cars, the doors were black and taken from another car, and the wheels were oversized taken from yet another car.

So is the case with Christmas; it was intended to be about the birth and worship of Jesus, but before you knew it, we had Herod in the picture and the Pharisees on the other hand. These are the same people who tried to kill Jesus at all costs until Jesus had to be hidden in Egypt for safety purposes. So now just imagine you come and ask Herod and those who wanted Jesus dead at all costs to accept that Jesus is the Messiah, and he should be worshipped. Do you think that they will accept him? No.


Since they failed to destroy Jesus Christ using their system. They came up with a better plan to try and destroy Jesus Christ from within Christian society itself by adding certain things and taking out what they didn’t want in it until nothing is left of Christ.

Christmas is good if it glorifies Jesus. But if it doesn’t then be careful. Most of the time it glorifies Santa Claus, you see it in the malls and in TV movies so be careful. Brethren, don’t join them to mock your messiah and glorify Santa. After all, the Bible says in Galatians 6:7, “Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked.” ” A man reaps what he sows”.

According to Matthew 2:7-8 if Herod knew the exact day Jesus was born but still wanted to destroy that day and cover it up by killing Jesus. Who are you to ignore it?

No wonder the devil knows the real Christmas day and uses people like me and you to ignore it, by killing Jesus today and then introducing Santa Claus instead and so many other traditions until there is no worship of Christ the king which is left. Many Christians today are removing Christmas from their lives and are opting for a more materialistic celebration. For many people today, Christmas is just a time to be with family, give and receive gifts, and eat, failing to acknowledge Jesus Christ. Brethren, let me tell you the truth: without Christ, there can be no Christmas. After all, how can you celebrate someone’s birth without his knowledge or presence?

If you want to understand more about what damage the devil has done in the Kingdom of God click the links below to be redirected to the relevant pages:

Pastor Nathaniel

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