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Good Friday

Why Has Good Friday Lost It’s Original Meaning Now?

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Where did the name Good Friday come from?

Good Friday is the Friday before Easter Sunday, and the day Jesus was crucified on the cross. During the olden days the word, ‘Good’ was taken to mean ‘Holy’ or ‘Godly’. So, the word Good Friday was given different names in different places for instance, Holy Friday in France; Long Friday in Norway; Friday of Mourning in Germany; others even called it God Friday; Easter Friday; Great Friday etc

Even non-Christians have their own important Friday called Black Friday where they believe they are saving the world from poverty. Some churches also celebrate what they call Holy Saturday, to honor the day Jesus laid in the Tomb.

According to Romans 1:25 the world honors the day and not he lord of that day Jesus, and no wonder Good Friday is even celebrated by other religions unknowingly for instance businesses and workplaces are closed legally because of the holiday.

What things do most people do on Good Friday?

Some churches focus on the earthly life of Jesus Christ hence they ring the church bell 33 times after their main service between 12pm-3pm; Other Churches refuse to decorate or put flowers on their church altars and instead they cover any statues and pictures of Jesus Christ as a sign of mourning, during this time a priest might choose to lie Infront of the altar to symbolise the sadness Christ went through. Still others walk in the streets carrying the cross or are nailed on the cross like Jesus.

Lastly, we got the worldly people who don’t even believe in Jesus but just celebrate the day in any way they think fit some have barbeques along with drinks, others go and have fun with their families.

There is No Good Friday without the Cross.

I know that you have seen a symbol of a cross in nearly everything and everywhere, for example you have seen it in jewelry form (rings, earrings and even pendants); tattoos; or even crosses on top of buildings like Churches

Before Jesus Christ was nailed on the cross the cross was regarded as a symbol of horror and humiliation, it was meant to inflict maximum punishment, and that for the longest time possible. It was the tool of punishment in the hands of Caesar used by Roman soldiers.

But the bible says in Genesis 50:20 that what was intended for harm turned out to be the tool God used for the salvation for mankind.

Without the cross, which happened on “Good Friday,” there could be no “Gospel” or “Good News.” Therefore, the “Good Shepherd” (Jn 10:11,14) and “The Good Master” (Matthew 19:16)(Mk 10:17)(Lk 18:18) gave His life on the cross on “Good Friday” so that we can share the “Good News.” The “Good” in Good Friday is all about Jesus, who He is and what He has done. Rom. 5:8

Through the cross, a movement was born that can’t be stopped. It brought an increase in the faith of many and brought the liberation of the captives. The cross built the kingdom of God and not Rome.

Because of our sins Jesus died a painful death so that we may live. His Blood was shed so that it could reverse our curse of sin.

good friday.PNGs

Jesus died for us since he loved us so much, we were supposed to die but he died for us so we must love each other (John 13:34). Before his arrest and betrayal, Jesus said to his would-be followers, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me” (Luke 9:23). We should be willing to give up everything for the sake of others. Remember in the Book of Matthew 27:32, Simon of Cyrene helped Jesus in the carrying of his cross.

Assuming that Jesus was crucified and died on a Friday, should Christians remember Jesus’ death by celebrating only on Good Friday? Just one Friday in a year of 365 days? and even on the one Friday we do celebrate good Friday, we are NOT sure which one it is because it keeps changing year after year sometimes it’s in March sometimes in April and also the dates are different are not the same. For instance:

Good Friday Calendar:

2021 — April 2;

2022 — April 15;

2023 — April 7;

2024 — March 29

Rather than remembering Christ’s death on a certain day, once a year, the Bible instructs us to remember Christ’s death by observing the Lord’s supper as often as possible. 1 Corinthians 11:24-26 declares, “…do this in remembrance of me…for whenever you eat this bread and drink this cup, you proclaim the Lord’s death until he comes.”

Why do we take Communion on Good Friday?

Remember Leviticus 17:11 says that there can be no forgiveness of sin without the Blood and Jesus was the Blood.

According to Mathew 27:50-54 When Jesus was pierced, and his blood touched the earth, there was an earth quake that took place, and directly below where Jesus hanged was the ark of the covenant. So this had not received the blood for years and so it had received the promised final sacrifice Jesus, and no wonder people were resurrected in Golgotha a place of Skull. Scientist have Discovered the Dry blood of Jesus is still alive.

Before there was hope there was doubt, like doubting Thomas. Before we thought of the healing there were wounds to be healed. Before life was given back then was the giver of life, who gave his for us to have life. Before we even thought of Easter Sunday then there was Good Friday.

There are times just like in the days of Jesus when all your friends will run away from you, abandon you, mock you and even betray you but you will still need to keep pressing and praying so as to overcome your enemies just as Jesus did on Good Friday.

There are times when people know that you are innocent but still will go ahead and frame you, and that is what happened to Jesus.

Jesus was crucified alongside the two thieves who had a choice to make, Remember although Jesus was the key to our salvation and is so near to us just as he was near to those two thieves, you still have a choice to make. So, what is it going to be? One thief chose salvation and that is what he got. Today you have a choice to make either you see a weak Jesus hanging on the cross and you start thinking he is at your league, or you see God who has come to your level to bring salvation near to you (Isaiah 6:8).


Pastor Nathaniel

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